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Our family vineyard, Vigna Giovanni, is located in the Yamhill-Carlton District AVA , and is situated in the eastern hills above the small rural towns of Carlton and Yamhill, Oregon, approximately 35 miles southwest of the Portland metropolitan area. Our land slopes gently southwest from an elevation of 550í down to just under 500'. The vineyard was planted in our Willakenzie soils in 1983 and consists of 3.2 acres of Dijon clone 115 Pinot Noir, field-grafted in 2000 and 2001 onto own-rooted 108 Chardonnay; 1.1 acres of Pinot Gris; and 2 acres of White Riesling.

The Yamhill-Carlton District presents itself geographically as an inverted horseshoe shaped area straddling the Yamhill river valley and surrounding Carlton and Yamhill. Vineyard land in the AVA rests between 200 and 1000 feet in elevation, and is distinguished by ancient marine soils that are course-grained, well-drained and produce a distinctive fruit profile that includes such flavors as cocoa, anise, coffee, and tobacco, along with a spice component attributable to our sedimentary soils.

At Vigna Giovanni, our vines are exposed to warm days, cool nights, and a breathtaking view of Oregonís coastal mountain range. We work with nature to tend and nourish soil and vine, gently encouraging them to sustain themselves and each other. In return, they offer us a fruit that is earthy, spicy, and a true expression of this special place.

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