Who we are...

Barbara Thomas Wines and Vigna Giovanni are owned and operated by Chuck Perasso and Jacki Bessler, and our children Tommy and Bobbi. We moved to the vineyard in 2001, and launched Barbara Thomas Wines in 2005. We expect to break ground on our onsite winery in 2008.

Our family believes that we are stewards, not owners, of our farm. It is our hope and our vision to protect and sustain this small patch of earth for many generations to come. In the meantime, our children and our livestock live, roam and play in our vineyard.

At Barbara Thomas Wines, we are passionate about sharing the best that the earth has to offer, and this passion is equaled by our love for the Earth itself. Because the making of the finest wine begins with nurturing the earth it grows in, these two passions come together in harmony in the expression of Barbara Thomas Wines.

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