Things we're asked...

Q: Where can I buy your wines?

A: We expect to sell our wines through local retail shops, restaurants, and through internet sales. Stay tuned to this website for updates. And, as always, feel free to contact us directly with questions at any time, or if you'd like to join our growing mailing list.

Q: So, who IS Barbara Thomas, anyway?

A: "Barbara Thomas" is a combination of the names of our daughter Barbara and our son Thomas.

Q: What is "Vigna Giovanni"? Where did that name come from?

A: When we bought the vineyard we wanted to give it a name that had personal meaning to us. Chuck's grandpa Giovanni was a winemaker from Genoa, Italy, so we named it after him, and "vigna" means "vineyard" in Italian.

Q: What does the star logo on the label mean?

A: It is a representation of a family hex sign Jacki designed to hang on our house, to bring blessings to our home and vineyard (see picture, right). The hex sign is divided into five segments and shows the Tree of Life, a clover leaf with four joined hearts, a rosette with oak leaves and acorns, two doves of peace, and three entwined grape clusters. It is bordered by raindrops and centered by a star. All of the colors of the rainbow are represented, as well as the numbers 1 through 8. Put together, our hex sign represents our celebration of the circle of life, and symbolizes our wish for sustainability, love, fertility, peace, and of course, fine wine.

Q: What is the "Faerie's (or Angel's) Share"?

A: As wine ages in the barrel, a certain portion will vanish due to evaporation. This is the "faerie's share".

Q: What is the "Chicken's Share"?

A: We have a free-ranging chicken flock on our farm. As the grapes begin to ripen in late summer, the chickens begin to get interested, and a certain number of grapes vanish as a result. We call this the "chicken's share". And if you've never seen a chicken jump for grapes, you've got to watch this short video clip.

Q: How can I sign up for your mailing list to receive updates?

A: Send us an email and we'll gladly add your name, and we promise to keep all of your contact information private.

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Phone: 503.662.4585

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