How we do it...

The truth is... We don't.

We want to produce only the best our site has to offer, so our wines are made for us by Aron Hess at the 12th & Maple Wine Co, under a custom crush agreement.

We first worked with Aron in 2002 when, as the winemaker for Rex Hill, he agreed to purchase our vineyard fruit. Aron had worked with the fruit from our vineyard before we bought it in 2001 and he knows the site and fruit well.

Pinot Noir is a challenging grape to grow, but it rewards efforts in the vineyard with an expression of place unlike any other wine varietal. By blending our ongoing work to enrich the vineyard with truly gifted winemaking, we are able to offer a structured, expressive Pinot Noir that is true to its terroir.

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